• Teppanyaki??

    Teppanyaki is a Japanese dish of meat, fish, or both, fried with vegetables on a hot steel plate forming the centre of the table.

  • 鉄板焼き

    It was first introduced to the United States shortly after World War II, and the concept of the "Japanese Steakhouse" quickly gained popularity.

  • Business/Groups

    Providing a dining experience which is ideal for businesses, large parties, couples and families with Japanese cuisine is notoriously healthy.

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American Cuisine

We specialise in American cuisine, from Award Winning Barbecue Ribs Steaks, Burgers Seafood & much more

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Damon's Hotel

Stay at our beautiful hotel in Lincoln. Have a look at our brand new fantastic luxury hot-tub suites.

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At Ethan's Teppanyaki & Sushi Bar, it’s all about what we each bring to the table. You’ve brought your family, friends, appetites and enthusiasm to the table, and it’s our mission to turn every meal into an experience. Your meal is prepared by a teppanyaki chef right before your eyes, using only hand-selected, quality ingredients. All of our beef is of the highest quality, aged to perfection. Our sauces and salad dressings are made from scratch, and our crisp vegetables are hand-cut every day. And while food is our passion, we also love to entertain. Thanks for visiting and sharing the teppanyaki table with us.

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  • Finest Aged Steaks
    Japanese Style

    Filet Mignon - New York Cut, sizzled and served just the way you like it!

  • Sushi & Sashimi
    fusion appetisers

    Our Sushi and sashimi are what have make Damon's the go-to Japanese destination in Lincolnshire

  • Tempura
    meat, fish or vegetables

    Deep fried in a light batter, served with soy, radish and ginger sauce.