About us


The decor of the restaurant is designed to provide the ambience for a sophisticated dining experience in a modern casual and chic environment.


The service is friendly, jovial, attentive, faultless and unassumingly helpful to the guest.


The food looks fresh, impressive and pleasing to the eye before it is cooked. The aroma of the food while it is being cooked is appetising. The texture and taste of the cooked food is superb and memorable. Food cooked fresh with natural flavour and served with our homemade sauces.


The Chef is friendly, well-poised, informative and often smiling. He would often engage the customer in conversation and entertains them with his funny wit and friendly banter. His movement is smooth and free flowing. He is deft with his handling of his utensils and knives, tidy and shows a care in his artistic presentation of the food. Chefs with great personality performing and entertaining while you dine. The guests should feel that they are very well taken care of by the Chef, who cooks the food to their delight. They would want to come back and also bring their friends along. They would request the same Chef to cook for them again, because they enjoyed the experience so much, they want it again.


Attentive, energetic, jovial, courteous and eager, each member of staff and management is proud to fulfil an important role in a solid TEAM in achieving our vision and goals.


A successful Company makes a good profit, so that we would have a successful career working together as a family in a wonderful environment. Our goal is to see the Company grow and expand, thus creating more jobs and careers.


Our vision is to be the world’s premier Teppanyaki restaurant. We wish to provide an exciting and entertaining dining experience to our customer every time. Our brand represents family fun, delicious food and drink for the entire family.