Coronavirus Outbreak: Customer Statement 18/03/2020

As the Coronavirus situation continues to evolve, we are committed to providing updated guidance to our valued customers on an ongoing basis. What is Damon's doing?

Our primary objectives are to protect the people we work with - colleagues and customers - and maintain a consistent supply to our valued customers.
We are monitoring the situation closely and we have an experienced team in all areas of the business who are speaking regularly to monitor developments and react accordingly.
As is normal business practice, we are following the NHS and UK Government guidelines and will adjust our response accordingly as well, and we will let you know if we make changes.

Restaurant - Tables and Seating

We are complete aware of the current situation regarding social spacing, so we have implemented the following:

  • As we are not so busy throughout the day and evening at present, we are making sure customers are seated with ample spacing between tables.

Drive Thru

During this situation the whole of the UK are in, we are offering our customers to option of a Drive Thru.
Where customers can ring up, place an order, make payment, park in our large car-park... and then have their takeaway food order, delivered by a gloved member of staff in our famous takeaway bags - directly to your car!
You literally do not have to leave your vehicle!!

Your safety is our priority. As the cases of COVID-19 increase we want to share details of this brand new feature we have introduced to help keep everyone during this situation - safe during this time. The NHS has stated that it is very unlikely that COVID-19 can be spread through food, but we are taking additional precautions.


Limiting contact with orders will help keep everyone healthy, so from today a new feature enables you to choose the ‘DRIVE THRU OPTION’ when you ring us. If you choose this, our member of staff will bring your food to your vehicle window. This is how contact-free delivery works:

  • Call 01522 243243
  • Place your order with a member of staff
  • They will take payment and your Car Registration Number, make, model and colour
  • You will be given an ORDER NO and an estimated time for collection
  • Park in our large car-park at the time of collection
  • Your order will be bought to your car by a member of staff wearing gloves etc.


Our colleague and customer safety is our highest priority.

  • Across Damon's business we have issued advice to all colleagues highlighting the importance of good hygiene, in particular hand washing. All staff have been issued with hand sanitiser and in addition we have increased the number of sanitiser dispense locations.
  • All colleagues have been alerted to the symptoms of Coronavirus and what to look out for. In the unfortunate event that any of our colleagues are unable to come into work due to illness we have also confirmed our sick pay policy, how to log their illness, medical advice and any escalation procedures required.
  • We have a policy in place to deal with the implications of a positive test for COVID-19.
  • For your reassurance staff coming onto our Damon's have been asked to confirm that they have not been in high risk areas in the last 14 days. Those staff who feel unable to sign are being instructed not to enter the site. No unscheduled visitors are permitted at Damon's and those with an appointment must complete a health screening questionnaire.

Contingency plans

We have a business continuity plan and in the event that we have to implement it we will try to mitigate the issues.

  • If the situation escalates, there will inevitably be some disruption, but we will do our best to minimise this.
  • We are keeping our customer-facing staff informed, and if you have any questions please speak to a manager
  • We are committed to keeping our customers informed, and will update our guidance as required.

This is a worrying time for everyone, and we want to acknowledge the incredible efforts of all our staff who are working hard at this time and who are committed to helping the communities in which they work. We hope that the NEW 'DRIVE THRU' provides you and our staff with greater safety during this time.

Many Thanks, Team Ethan's


Any other questions, please free to email us at: